Your City as a Canvas: Build your Bar – Shape your City by Heineken

Your City as a Canvas: Build your Bar – Shape your City by Heineken

Urban Life is a human paradox by itself. We live between grey concrete walls just to realize that we would rather paint them with graffiti. We turned our back on the countryside just to build urban gardens on our rooftops and choose the anonymity and isolation of big cities, just to connect through social networks for joined nightlife experiences.

But it is not a coincidence that cities like Berlin become a canvas for creativity for all of us. To realize what kind of potential is in our surrounding, we need people who make the first step for us, who take the first brush of paint so we are able to see the free canvas space. The new Heineken campaign “Build your Bar – Shape your City” is dedicated to those individuals making our urban life a bit better day by day. Heineken has shown a long-term commitment in creative innovative concepts for urban life already with their “Cities” Campaign. But “Shape your City” is going even a step further. Everybody who wants to create an innovative bar concept for his hometown can participate in this creative contest. Your idea will be judged by no other than our blogger colleagues Jacob and David from Dandy Diary, gastronomy experts Tobias Mintert & Philipp Treudt and Team-Heineken Germany.

Now is your chance to feel inspired and see your city as a canvas for your creativity. On the Heineken campaign page you can submit your best idea for an innovative Bar concept that will change your street, your neighborhood and your city’s nightlife. You are not only competing for an amazing experience but also for the expertise to implement your concept: Heineken and the two gastronomy experts will help you realize your concept and open the bar in a totally new space. Take your chance to be part of this creative contest until the 16th of September.

After the jump you will find a short spot about the campaign, which can be used as inspiration for the concept.

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