Dandy Diary Race – Fashion Week Opening Party Photos

Dandy Diary Race – Fashion Week Opening Party Photos

Wow, the Dandy Diary Race Party on Monday, the unofficial Fashion Week Opening Party that is in fact the most important one of the entire week, was once again a big blast. The Dandy Diary boys gave us lots of amazing outfits, race cars, motorcycles on the dancefloor, two hot twin/almost twin DJ teams and 90s techno legend Scooter live. How can you ever top that? Enjoy the impressions on 4 pages after the jump.

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The Year’s First Partyguide

Alley Cat

Miserable miserable party life. Drum ‘n Bass relict Icon gives up and celebrates the last big night. Well, they still have Gretchen. What else is on this weekend plus how you can win tickets for What Club, right after the nasty jump: Read on…

Appetite for Party

Azari & III

Do you have this certain appetite it needs to survive in this city? Will you leave your heart here the day you return to the city or village you came from? Are you able to forget look, people and status and just dance? If yes, join the parties recommended as usual after the jump: Read on…

The Weekly Event Guide

Tree and Moon by JR, courtsy of Circle Culture

Most of the time we are used to taking. Take a photo, take some time, take a piss, take the cake, take that. How about this week we do a little giving. And what giving feels better than one that includes taking also? Take a piece of art, give money to charity for instance. Swell! Take this, as well as short films, concerts, gallery openings, workshops, parties and much more, as usual after the jump!

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