Rise and Shine – Win hand-made Accessories

Actually, there is no reason anymore to shop at H&M and IKEA. Because never before has it been so easy to realize your own individuall style.

I am not only talking about the many small designer labels from Berlin, the vintage shops and flea markets, but also about online platforms such as DaWanda and Etsy. There you can find numerous unique clothes, accessories and home decoration in no time. One of these shops on DaWanda is Rise and Shine. Find more about their unique accessories and get a chance to win one for yourself after the jump.

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Rise and Shine!


Sommer 2011 did not take place. The last weeks were the exact opposite of what you think of when you hear the word „Summer“.

Well, at least we had a great Spring. The sun was shining, and everyone was expecting a great Summer. Here are some pictures from a sunny day in April, a trip to Werder in Brandenburg. The photos were taken at the „Baumblütenfest“ (cherry blossom festival) in Werder, which takes place every year. It is quite cheesy, but if you just go out into the nature on your own, you will have a great time. By the way: these pictures were taken for the label „Rise and Shine.“ More of them after the jump.

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