Hedwig & The Angry Inch Tribute Party

Hedwig Tribute Party

Here comes the second Halloween party photo set that I took last week on Thursday at Monster Ronson’s at the Tribute party for the queer cult movie Hedwig & The Angry Inch (you really have to see this movie!). A couple of performers such as Alexander, Mary Orcher and Hedi Mohr sang their versions of Hedwigs fabulous songs. Have a look at the party after the jump!

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The Weekly Event Guide

Shola and the cat by Cooper & Gorfer

Ouf, this week is pretty full! And once again everything seems to happen in one day (Thursday). The Berlin Press Days are taking place this weeks and this is the reason for a couple of exciting fashion events. We also have some nice concerts in the beginning of the week and a couple of interesting art openings toward the end. Have a look after the jump!

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