Here comes the sun

Peaches G. at Last Days this Saturday

Well, we were expecting the opening of a new bar by the Spree, but it was postponed again. It’s okay, it’s not that we wouldn’t find a thousand other nice places to go to! Where Iam telling you after the jump:

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You Say Party We Say What?

Hercules & Love Affair

Newsflash! Pret a Diner, the posh pop up restaurant popular with models, agency people, actors and wannabes has finally closed and people above 35 are now homeless. The Champagnerama party was postponed after some 3000-4000 people attended on Facebook. Don’t worry, the Fusion is still to come. Angry: last week I spoke to some Sanderstraße inhabitants and they are NOT so happy about Weekend owner Marcus Trojahns new bar, that is ‘changing the Sanderstraße into something rotten and nasty’, that was quoted, not my words. I was curious and wanted to go, now that it has got warmer, but honestly, there was a line and I don’t line up a for a drink in Neukölln, no way. Parties in and out of Neukölln after the jump:

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