Aids Follies – A Dark Musical about the History of HIV

Aids Follies – A Dark Musical about the History of HIV

Approximately 0.5 % of the Berlin population is infected with HIV.  This number ranks Berlin on top of all German cities shortly followed by Hamburg. Due to effective medication nowadays you can live a long and healthy life even with an HIV infection. This has made the disease less frightening among younger generations which results in a rising number of new infections since the early 2000s.

Maybe these statistics are a good reason to take a closer look at the theater piece Aids Follies premiering today at Sophiensaele. This unusual Aids Musical takes you back to the story of Patient Zero, the first patient who was wrongly accused to have brought HIV to North America. With a collage of video documents, conspiracy theories and eclectic sound and dance performances the director Johannes Müller created a dark hybrid of different theater genres.

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Please cry for us, Maria

Apart from the auction Mauri started on his blog, we would like to raise awareness to another really cool idea from the Jugend gegen Aids Stiftung. Together with Stefan Strumbel, one of our most favourite artists by the way, they did a real funny art exhibition protesting against the Catholic church. For every new facebook friend they get, a Holy Maria statue will cry one tear. In the end the holy mother will be drowned by her own tears. That’s a good way to protest, and a very good way to find more facebook fans for a good cause. Watch the video with all the details after the jump. Read on…