What Does Freezing Mean? – A Berlin Campaign for the Homeless

What Does Freezing Mean? – A Berlin Campaign for the Homeless

Berlin has a lot of queues. Refugees waiting in front of LaGeSo to get registered, party folks waiting in front of a nightclub hoping to be on a guest list, tech-nerds camping in front of the Apple store before the release of a new product, homeless queuing at a salvation army food dispatcher and fashionistas waiting in front of a fashion week location. They all might look quite similar from an airplane far above the city. But actually there is a big difference we should never forget. Even if there are maybe just a few kilometers between the mentioned groups waiting, there is an abyss of injustice going on. For some of us waiting in line is just an annoyance we could actually easily avoid by choosing another activity to pursue. For others standing in the cold snow and waiting is a life-necessity they have no choice to make.

Especially on days like today where the temperature goes way below the sufferable I wonder how it is even possible to survive as a homeless in this city. Last year’s campaign Was heißt frieren? did an amazing job in creating a strong image of the topic of living as a homeless in Berlin. Several subway stations were renamed with Photoshop remembering real homeless people living on the streets. Since it is still a painfully up-to-date issue we post this in hopes you might support the Kältebus NPO with a donation, as they are the ones taking care of those who might freeze to death in the streets. After the jumps there is also a short guide what to do if you see a homeless person in need for help out there in the streets.

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Berlin is… homeless

Berlin is the city of the invisible homeless. Thousands of people are living on the street and are probably more than happy that they survived once again the harsh winter. Just yesterday night I went around with somebody coming from a small village in South Germany and we spoke about how people in Berlin trained themselves to become less empathic every day about the tragedy of other people. Perhaps this is just the normal way to deal with it. But still I wish I will always feel something when seeing somebody suffering. Like when I had this encounter a year ago.