Berlin is… Hopeful

Berlin is… Hopeful

photo: Jeisson Martin

We are at times a little hard on Berlin. It’s messy, it’s heartbreaking, it’s lost, it’s dirty… But with all the things that are going wrong here, one thing is for sure: It’s always going forward. And this gives us hope.

It’s sad, that some places we love are vanishing, that people we care for are leaving, that districts we live in change for the worse. But when you take a look at Berlin from a distance you can see that it always moves on. And we will, too.

We might not have the power to change everything that we think is bad, but we will fight for it, regardless, and remain hopeful. When things get difficult, the people of Berlin will stay strong together and pull through, hand in hand, may it be to rebuild the city, tear down walls or help those in need.

This city has proven so many times through history that it can overcome pretty much everything from war to economical crisis, and from oppression to separation and I’m sure it’ll handle present and future challenges such as globalization, migration, crime, and commercialization just fine. Berlin will keep on changing and with its past as a testament we can be hopeful that it will always remain a unique place in the world.