Thunderheist by May Truong

Thunderheist by May Truong

Monday is free and the open air season is in full swing. Picknick’s gonna open its backyard this weekend, Berghain already has, Bar 25 is open and gives home to all the lost ones til Tuesday. Let’s pray to the god of summer and love that the weather cooperates this weekend…

Tonight at Torstrasse 96 Posh! The Prince is gonna have one of his sexy shows. Go there and become staggered.

Friday Factory party in the Zpyz, Reichenbergerstrasse 125 in Kreuzberg with Matchbox (who also play at Picknick a day later), Peter Bounce, Sebastian Plössner and Nomad who is always playing the best disco music. More parties after the jump.

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Scala’s Last Month


Oh no! Everything’s changing… buhu!

There have been rumours before but now it’s official: At the end of the month Scala closes for good. There were different views on the old house and the party nights taking place there. Kids place, tourist place, rave club… But apart from the disgusting toilets and a very slow wardrobe it was not only me who loved this place. And I’d rather celebrate a party with a crowd of kids than with boring oldies moaning all night, but never move away from the bar… That guy at the door, named Krazy, used to look scary but there was no need to wet your pants, cause as a matter of fact, Scala never had a ridiculous selection at the doors. Furthermore this place was also suitable for claustrophobics like me since it has two dancefloors.

As a “natural born Berliner” I can remember some parties that took place at the Scala building already during the 90s and I am a bit sad about its closing. In the end money rules and this house directly at Oranienburger Tor is a place to make money with. I don’t have facts about the new renters, I can only guess it will be another bank. Oh sh… I already use the past tense, but there is still this month and especially the upcoming weekend to dance off your shoes at Scala.

The parties for this weekend after the jump!

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