Flirting in Berlin: Fashion Week ist Flirting Week

Flirting in Berlin: Fashion Week ist Flirting Week

photo: Oliver Rath

Fashion Week is coming up and even if you are not so involved in the whole circus you must have realized by now that there are so many things going on where you can potentially meet someone unexpected. This makes Fashion Week the perfect playground for flirting if you take care of some basic fliriting rules.

First of all you should get rid of the prejudice that fashionistas are somehow an entirely different species that is just living off designer brands and beauty products. Most nice fashionable people have a lot of other interests, can discuss politics and social inequality and spend their weekends in their sweatpants just like everybody else. It’s somehow typical for people in Berlin to believe that just because somebody likes to be well groomed and dressed up it means he or she is shallow and stupid. Having that in mind my first and most important recommendation that I also give in any of my other flirting guides: Leave your narrow minded judgements on other people at home and combine a nice dose of openess with a charming outift if you want to get laid or just have a nice flirt.

So many of my friends apparently got lucky during Fashion Week that maybe you don’t even need so many instructions to enjoy all the parties and beauty. Still I think there are some flirtation Faux Pas that could/should be avoided. Read my advice after the jump.

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