Berlin’s Most Beautiful Men

Berlin’s Most Beautiful Men

photo: Hannes Gade

Berlin might not have a reputation for being the place where the most beautiful men reside, but that’s only because we have to wear coats seven months of the year. So Rio, you can officially pack your bags!  Since Berlin men are so open-minded, liberal, and often don’t even mind stripping it all down on social media, we now have visual proof: Berlin’s got it! And, Berlin got dem boys! So, while you might be alone in bed, possibly building prince charming out of pillows and blankets, or maybe you have a sadomasochistic moment and want to destroy your self-esteem, go ahead, and look at the following divine selection of Berlin specimen – And just imagine all the rest … That is awfully superficial, I am aware. But it just happens, you know. Suddenly, you find yourself staring at your screen. These men just upload too many well-lit photos. So, let’s all be honest with ourselves and indulge in this short, shallow moment of social media desire. Knowing, these men might wait just around the corner and not at the Copacabana. Enjoy…

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Scissoring with the Sisters


They were here and they were hot. The Scissor Sisters concert last Tuesday was amazing. Not just because of the hot perfomances they delivered but also for the amazing outfits and cool attitude they had on stage. The new album is inspired by Berlin and they seemed to be really happy to play here. I wonder why I never met the frontman who was here for one year (probably on sexholiday  and the whole time in the Berghain darkroom). Celebrity guests like Peaches and the frontman of R.E.M showed up to give the sisters their support. I am just wondering why Universal is such a bitch and never gives us a photo-pass or any kind of support, not even letting us into the press area of their website. I would have loved to take some pictures of the night and showed them to you.