The Weekend Party Guide (#Cray)


Tights: into the bin, warm socks: back into the draw, leggings worn as long undies: oh please, scarf: pah, fur: you really did wear fur, I don’t care if it’s your granny’s fur, it is the dead body of an animal. Boys: long undies, pathetic, get them off immediately! To win tickets for the Shambo Party and for White Trash check out our Facebook Fanpage from time to time. Springtime parties after the jump: Read on…

An August Party Guide

Brax Moody ( Local Suicide )

It is an August that feels like October, but don’t let that weather bring you down. At least noone is gonna cut your head, arms and legs off like it happened to the poor tattooist of White Trash. It turned out that it hasn’t been the mafia, though it would have been more exciting. It has simply been some “friend” who he got into a drunk fight with, eew. Watch out this weekend who you are having a drink with, will you. Parties after the jump:

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Let the Weekend begin..

After last weekend a male cat has celebrated his opening, this weekend there is a Russian opera shown in a cafe, the birthday of a Bulgarian dj, another birthday, by a bunch of creative Englishmen this time, a Sommerfest and a party by the lake. More detailed partytips right after this jump:

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