Designer Scouts open the SKYY VODKA SWAP SEASON 2013

Designer Scouts open the SKYY VODKA SWAP SEASON 2013

photos: Pascal Rohé

Last Friday my partner Gina and I hosted another one of our Designer Scouts events, for the second time now during the Press Days. With the special event we launched this year’s collaboration with long-term partner SKYY VODKA. It’s now the fourth year that we will be hosting the SKYY VODKA SWAP MARKET happening in late summer. But this year the swapping will not only take place during one event in Berlin, it will happen throughout the whole year all over Germany. SKYY VODKA teamed up with numerous magazines to raffle off many small private swaps taking place in the homes of the lucky winners who will not only get all the equipment they need for the swap party, but also ingredients for delicious cocktails and amazing designer pieces.

Just like the big SKYY VODKA SWAP MARKET the private swaps will also get designer hosts, for this season we’ve selected the sustainable labels Ica Watermelon and Anne Gorke and the avant-garde labels Franziska Michael and Julia Heuse. Those four designer hosts were introduced at the event on Friday with three stunning fashion presentations and one amazing fashion film. At the exclusive pre-swap we also had a couple of outfits by them as well as from Weekday and Front Row Society. Stay tuned to the SKYY VODKA facebook page to find our more about the private swaps.

Thanks to SKYY VODKA for the long collaboration, to our designers for their great presentations and film, to everyone involved in the making of this event and to our partner uber who supplied an exlcusive limousine service for our guests. The impressions of the opening event after the jump on 3 pages.

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What to swap?



For those who might wonder, what kind of clothes there will be at the SKYY SWAP MARKET, apart from all the vintage pearls that you guys are bringing to the Swap Spots Das Neue Schwarz, La Lip and Glücklich Am Park these days there is also gonna be lots of great clothes by the hottest young and avantgarde designers in town which are:

C.Neeon, JULIAANDBEN, Adddress, Esther Perbandt, A.D.Deertz, Franzius, Blame, Mikenke, Moga E Mago, Carni, Aschön, Burkhardt Möllmann, Howitzweissbach, Von Bardonitz, Ica Watermelon, Magdalena Schaffrin, Tata Christiane, Maniko, Comtesse de la Haye, Gabriel & Schwan, 25 Pieces and quite a few more.

After the jump you will get a small preview of some of the pieces that are gonna be available at the market. We will publish them all one by one on the new Designer Scouts blog. Make sure to register for the swap market and for the party here.

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