The Most Photogenic Places in Berlin

The Most Photogenic Places in Berlin

photos: Alicia Kassebohm

There is nothing like making memories with your loved ones and Berlin serves as the perfect setting for that. Every street, every corner could be worth capturing.

When wandering around the capital, common touristic attractions like Brandenburger Tor and the Fernsehturm are great to have in the back of a photograph, but let’s face it: they are quite overused. There are so many other photogenic locations in the capital that are just as beautiful and, judging by the latest trends on Instagram, even more popular than traditional Berlin sights. We took it upon ourselves to filter some of the most popular locations to make memories at and take pictures that stand out.

We went outside on a sunny day to explore the city and took photos at some of the most popular Instagram hotspots. Our lovely co-writer and photographer Alicia Kassebohm captured us, the ladies of iHeartBerlin, on our little photo tour, and so we present to you: our most #iconicBerlinshots.
And what a day we had!

See the results of our shooting right after the jump and get some inspiration for your next photo tour in Berlin!

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