Icy Partyguide

Part two: advices for frosty nights out (this time only for girls): You want to look sexy in a skimpy skirt but a monthlong cystitis is not an option? Wear your ski/snowboard trousers and take them off in the club’s loo. The doorman (appalled by your awful outfit) you’re telling that this is the latest fashion and how would he know, the old fart he is (the last not to speak out loud, you brat). If this doesn’t work you say that you’re coming straight from skiing in St. Moritz and plan to spend the rest of the money on drinks and boys. Places to try out that new strategy, right after the jump:

UPDATE! Sorry, some corrections: Arm&Sexy and the Artaq Closing Party are on Saturday!

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Meet the It Boys!

It Boys Opening Party

Last night the It Boys had their first party at HBC Kino. Balloons, confetti, wigs, dresses and heels (more than there were girls), trashy pop music and cute boys and girls. What I particularily liked about this party: In the end everyone seemed to have befriended themselves with everyone. Don’t remember that ever happening at a public party.

Of course the It Boys tried to convince me to put make-up on which I wasn’t willing to do (didn’t match my top…). But what I did try on was nail polish by Uslu Airlines from Berlin in a bright smurfy turquoise blue. It looks kind of fun actually 🙂 More impressions of the party after the jump.

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Are you an It-Boy?

It Boys

Friends of mine are throwing a fancy new gay party at HBC tonight (Friday) in the Kino. It’s called It Boys! The superficial observer might think they are just a bunch of trashy queens so full of themselves that they have to celebrate their self-acclaimed It-boy status. But far from it! What they are really doing is questioning what is perceived as cool, stretching the definition of masculinity to new shapes and most of all: not taking themselves serious at all! I think there has been a need for a night like this for a long time now, where you can dress up, dance to trashy pop music and actually have some serious fun! RSVP here.