The Mardi Gras Week


This week is all in the name of the carnival, but in our case it’s the Mardi Gras that we will experiencing for the first time on Tuesday. For the rest of the week we have a bit of a crazy Wednesday with the Artstars and It Boys, a very art-filled Friday and fashion-related Saturday. The events after the jump.

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The Experimental Week

Anna-Maria Sommer

This week is on the one hand dominated by all the events related to the 11th Club Transmediale festival for electronic and experimental music and on the other with a handful of very promising looking exhibitions opening. But before we go all artsy and experimental on your ass, we’ll kick off the week with a lot of fun at Cinéma with the It Boys… The events after the jump.

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Exclusive NYE Playlist by the ItBoys!

It Boys

For all of you who are having a house party for NYE and are missing a DJ we have something special for you tonight. The crazy eccentric DJ team It Boys! who you might have heard and seen at Backyard, at the Dandy Diary Party or at HBC have exclusively created a DJ set for us in the form of a YouTube video playlist. The boys who are as mad as a box of hair are taking you on a trip 15 years back into the middle of the Nineties with the best pop music of that time. Click on the link below and press the “Play All” button. Youtube will then play all videos in a row. Have fun!

Exclusive New Year’s Eve Playlist by the ItBoys!

And if you want to see them live they will be DJing and performing at the HBC NYE party tonight. Some impressions of their past appearences after the jump.

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