Jake the Rapper meets Ben&Julia

Jake the Rapper meets Ben&Julia

One of the most hilarious music videos of recent history comes straight from Berlin from the crazy artist duo Ben&Julia. It’s for the song Cookie Jar by Traffic Sings featuring Berlin-legend Jake The Rapper. It’s totally insane and we love it. These cookies are out of control! Enjoy it after the jump.

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The Year’s First Partyguide

Alley Cat

Miserable miserable party life. Drum ‘n Bass relict Icon gives up and celebrates the last big night. Well, they still have Gretchen. What else is on this weekend plus how you can win tickets for What Club, right after the nasty jump: Read on…

Late Summer Party Guide

” Legs ” by Julia Luka Lila Nitzschke

Welcome to our late party summer guide for the October weekend! I keep telling Australian people who recently moved to Berlin about the horrible winter and they don’t belive me – how would they. Enjoy the sun before diving into the deep world of Berlin winter clubbing. Until then, a selection of this weekend’s parties – but you might just skip them all and spend the weekend at some lake…joke! Parties after the jump:

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Listening to music with Jake The Rapper

Jake the Rapper by Katja Oortman

Jake the Rapper – photo: Katja Oortman

Jake The Rapper is the oh-so-lovely, larger-than-large, tattooed, bearded character you’ve no doubt seen if you went to Villa or Bar25, where he was a resident DJ and part of the extended family. Despite the descriptor “The Rapper” in his name, Jake primarily loves to play house music, and he is one of Berlin’s finest Techno DJs.

We asked Jake the Rapper about music by Lady Gaga, Richard Wagner, Curtis Mayfield and Seeed.

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