The End of Summer

Sunday Seance Summer Affair at Terrasse


Those were the best days of my life… Ok, party folks, this is the end of the summer, why not breaking new ground and going outside during daytime, otherwise you’ll kick yourself for not having seen the sun at least once this summer. This weekend there are again endless opportunities to have a good party and stock up on some sunshine for example at a terrace or in a park. Parties after the jump.

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Better late then never…


Junior Boys

This weekend there might be a chance to grab some fresh air even for those of you who never see the light of day because of clubbing too hard. Not only there is the Fete de la Musique on Sunday that gives you a chance to visit one of the countless stages and parties all over Berlin for free but also the gay/lesbian Stadtfest around Motzstraße is taking place this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. If you’re now saying, well, Iam not gay, why should I give a sh.., I can tell you, by the way, as usual, Westbam himself is gonna play there at the Connection stage at the very end of the event on Sunday evening. Hurrraaa, the summer has arrived!! More parties after la jump.

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