Fashion Week in the Living Room

Fashion Week in the Living Room

It’s Fashion Week in Berlin! Some will be out and about the entire week. Others will wish they could be out all week, but have no invitations. And another group will pray it’s over quickly so all the visitors will leave again to their fashion capitals around the globe. So what can film freaks do to stick with their true love film without missing out on the fashion hustle and bustle? Watch films on fashion: Obviously. There are great documentaries that take us backstage and show us the entire fashion circus as if we were part of it. And those of you who just think it’s too cold to party hop, you may of course get your fashion dosage from these films as well.

Here are some recommendations which films you should bring to the private fashion week your living room.

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We are Germans


After the reinvention of the Dirndl in fashion it was about time to destroy the last stereotype of German traditional design: The cuckoo’s clock. I allready discovered these clocks not so long ago for an older article you might want to read here. The artist Stefan Strumbel has worked out a way to re-design German design icons without loosing himself into senseless pop art.  To check out more of this tradition meets comic-kitsch you should definetly visit his upcoming exhibition at Circle Culture Gallery. More details after the jump. Read on…