KDV Dance Ensemble: Radicalizing the Notion of Home

KDV Dance Ensemble: Radicalizing the Notion of Home

photos: Anna Agliardi

In the last decades, Berlin’s international scene has grown widely and multiple talents from different backgrounds enriched the cultural landscape of the city. One of those fresh talents had her Berlin stage debut last weekend and we are more than impressed. 

Choreographer Kiani del Valle showed her first performance piece “Las Casas Invisibles” (Spanish for the invisible houses) with her newly formed KDV Dance Ensemble at the spectacular Funkhaus concert stage.

The place which usually hosts concerts and festivals for avant-garde and contemporary electronic music was the perfect setting for the interdisciplinary performance. With a collective of 10 incredibly strong dancers, she created an immersive story that floated seamlessly from childhood memories into the experience of migration, police brutality and longing for connection. 

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