The Weekend Party Guide (without Berlinale)


Movies? Parties! This is where you can meet the stars, that couple with the most beautiful – of – all – but –  scarily skinny wife with the ageing bloke Brangelina, that old guy Antonio Banderas, the ever beautiful Salma Hayek and the vampire boy – they’re all here and they like to party too! You don’t care at all? Ja, me neither. No Berlinale parties in this guide, just pure Berlin fun after the jump: Read on…

Berlin Fashion Week – Day 2: The Fashion Shows

Von Bardonitz - ONE Show

Von Bardonitz

Day 2 of Berlin Fashion Week was all about fashion shows and presentations for us. The day started exciting with a little visit to the backstage area of the JULIAANDBEN show at the studio of the official Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week tent. The Berlin cult label had their first ever runway show with our Designer Scouts event at HBC back in 2010. Now they made it into the official tent and delivered a great collection. See the backstage photos and the show impressions after the jump followed by the shows and parties of Von Bardonitz, Augustin Teboul, Wood Wood and Reality Studio on 4 pages.

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The Weekly Event Guide

Tree and Moon by JR, courtsy of Circle Culture

Most of the time we are used to taking. Take a photo, take some time, take a piss, take the cake, take that. How about this week we do a little giving. And what giving feels better than one that includes taking also? Take a piece of art, give money to charity for instance. Swell! Take this, as well as short films, concerts, gallery openings, workshops, parties and much more, as usual after the jump!

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Partyguide of Cold Hearts

Sam Crew: Fishes Can Swim

The only advantage the time of darkness and cold holds in store is a good amount of parties and longer nights. Warm your ice cold hearts with music at the following parties, warmly recommended after the jump:

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Partyguide for someone like you


This weekend is ruled by the Bermuda Music Days, meaning a solid program in basically every club in Berlin. I want to mention a few that are likely to become a good Berlin night out. Whatever this means. Parties after the jump:

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Sleepless Partyguide

Britta Arnold

There it is – the summer – we were all longing for. We now have to catch up on everything, don’t we. Sleepness nights, waiting for us. Parties after the jump:

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The unmeltable Partyguide

Melt? Then don’t continue reading, you might regret it, cause there is news at the club front, all compiled in this weekend’s party guide, research conducted under threat of life and body, made for dancers, music lovers, Berliners, new-Berliners, the curious ones and the explorers. Parties after the jump:

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