The One-Night-Marriage

Halleluja Party at L32

If Britney can do it, we can do it! Being married for one night is quite the rage we hear. That’s probably why the L32 took the one-night-marriage as their theme and invited willing brides and grooms into their house for a wedding party of a special kind. Halleluja! More photos after the jump.

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Parties and Guestlists

Rüde Hagelstein

Ruede Hagelstein

Oh my, the deeper we go into the summer the more parties there seem to be on one weekend. How will we ever manage that? Okay, you just have to make a choice I guess. Or be on the guestlists…

This weekend is dominated by one big event that will go on for several days: Reisen Macht Den Kopf Frei (Traveling Makes Your Head Free) is the name of a festival at Rechenzentrum and Funkpark that will go on from Friday through Monday. Some highlights from their line-up include Aka Aka (live), Herr Suess & Herr Sauer, Ruede Hagelstein, ND Baumecker, Sven Dohse, Jens Bond and A Guy Called Gerald. Apart from the music they will also have shows, food stands, movies, camping, massages and much more. As the Rechenzentrum is located a bit outside the centre there will be a bus shuttle from Ostkreuz. More infos about the festival here. You can win free tickets for this after the jump.

More parties and free tickets after the jump.

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