The Weekly Event Guide

Fango by Dietmar Walther, at Neurotitan

This week starts big with those few Halloween parties that took the timing a bit more serious. On Wednesday we have a re-opening of an old familiar party in a brand new club, on Thursday we’ll also meet an old familiar dinner club coming back to life, while Friday and Saturday are an eclectic mix of music, art, fashion and parties. The details after the jump.

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I Heart Dinnerparty

iHeartBerlin 3rd Anniversary Dinner

Last Thursday we celebrated our 3rd anniversary over the rooftops of the city at La Mansarde enjoying a wonderful menu that featured Barbarie duck and filled Zucchini flowers. Yummie! And as a special treat we had the delicious cupcakes by our Cupcake Lady Dawn.

It was once again a great experience to meet some of our readers and I want to say thank you to all of you that came for making this a lovely evening. We will do this again soon! I also want to say thanks to my co-authors Suz, C.R. and Jens, as well as all the other authors who have contributed to our blog. More impressions of the evening as well as the great dinner after the jump.

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photo by half alive

Unbelievable but true: Our modest little blog just turned three. When I started in August 2007 I had no idea how much it would change my life. And I would have never imagined it would also become a part of other people’s lifes. Over the years we have met many of you readers, mostly at parties, but also out in public, in the subway or even at the airport in Stockholm. Every encounter with you has been absolutely charming. And we are grateful for all your kind words and little stories related to this blog.

To have a chance to meet even more of you guys – or meet some of you again – Suz, C.R. and I invite you to our 3rd anniversary dinner this Thursday evening. The dinner is going to take place at La Mansarde a very unique location on a rooftop terrace in central Kreuzberg with an exceptional view over the city. After the jump you will get a glimpse of the location, see the menu and find out how to reserve your place at the table.

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