Bye Bye Artist Place

Getting rid of squatter artist houses seems to be the new hobby of Berlin’s Ordnungsämter. The artist house in the old Brewery Friedrichshöhe at Landsberger Alee 54 was one that I have really good memories of and remember it to be a really special place. Now it’s gone and luxury lofts are going to be constructed inside the house. A good friend of mine wrote an article in German describing the whole situation. The text and more impressions of the place after the jump.
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15 Minutes of Fame

photo by tochis at flickr

photo: tochis at Flickr

Actually it’s anything but Fame. It’s about presenting a view, a thought or your favourite subject. It’s about connecting with people. Making them laugh, think, cry, cheer or anything else you want them to feel. It’s your moment to share and to be heard. You could also rant, debate, provoke, empower or inspire. It’s anything you want it to be, except a sales pitch of any sorts.

What am I talking about?

It’s making its debut in Berlin. It’s happening on 12 June and it’s called Interesting Berlin. Interested? (pun intended) Then read on to find out more.

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