The Weekly Event Guide

Jon John

This week is all in the name of a bloody sacrifice! Karfreitag and Easter is coming up on the weekend, which means for us four work-free days (ideally, we know how that never really works out…). But before that we have movie screenings, free dinners, store openings, art exhibitions, magazine launches, naked performances and more, before everything culminates (ideally) in our annual iHeartBerlin Easter Special that we are doing with and at food gallery Merkezi. Check out the events after the jump.

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A few months back Danish artist Lars Bjerre presented a massive selection of his work in his first solo show here in Berlin. I was not only amazed by the size of his artworks and the amazing space he was showing them in, but also by his versatility that goes far beyond what you can see here in my posts. I know a lot of you went to see his critical take on society, so I’m sure you will be interested to hear that this Thursday he will open his second show at Komet Gallery in Mitte. More art and details after the jump.

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Men and Pigs

Lars Bjerre

Just recently an interesting exhibition was brought to my attention that I would like to share: Danish artist Lars Bjerre presents a very critical view on society. In his paintings he often depicts humans and pigs. As if this alone would not be some kind of a message he places them in absurd and paradox situations that symbolize humans on the search for their identity. The artist’s first solo exhibition in Germany will open this Friday here in Berlin. More infos and images after the jump.

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