The End of Summer

Sunday Seance Summer Affair at Terrasse


Those were the best days of my life… Ok, party folks, this is the end of the summer, why not breaking new ground and going outside during daytime, otherwise you’ll kick yourself for not having seen the sun at least once this summer. This weekend there are again endless opportunities to have a good party and stock up on some sunshine for example at a terrace or in a park. Parties after the jump.

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Beer, Butts and BBQ – Party time!


photo by jonathaneric at flickr

This weekend it is all about barbeque and beer. But since we are in Berlin, please call it Grillen and I just wanted to add that you’ll be warmly welcomed if you bring along a solid steak, we Germans don’t eat Wurst all day. Really!

Oh, I can’t decide if the Foxy Boxers or Villa wins this weekend’s price for the funniest flyer… The parties after the jump.

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Le Petit Pö


photos by photosashion

My first thoughts when I considered going to the Le Petit Pö pool party at the Bar 25 Spa were that a) I should not have any kind of cake for breakfast on Sunday and b) that I should go to the gym before. Well, too bad that the Cupcake Lady decided to give me some cheesecake and banana bread for free that morning, just to torture me. She knows I won’t say no. And secondly what was I expecting to change with one day at the Gym? Well, at least I went…

So, at the party we got what the flyer promised. Sexy people splashing in the pool, a champagne bar, a BBQ and a cute little dancefloor with Disco music. Some more impressions after the jump. They involve some raunchy positions…

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