A Guide to Live Music Bars in Berlin

A Guide to Live Music Bars in Berlin

photo: newthinking / CC

Oh the good old days with cigarettes, sophisticated drinks and live music. Mysterious nights with charming strangers. Red lipstick, hats and jazz in the air. Wait a minute – that’s still current!

It’s not all techno, beats and Berghain. Berlin has a lot more to offer when it comes to music. Numerous famous Exiles lived here but also many artists in the making currently reside in the capital. Often they perform at open mics – events where anyone and everyone can register to perform their special art. And sometimes, there is nothing more exciting than having a tasty drink with some good live music.

These 10 live music bars are a must for any music/night/drink-lover. Cigarettes, hats and red lipstick are optional. See our selection right after the jump. Read on…

Berlin LIVE!

Berlin LIVE!

Imagine a silent and warm summer night in Berlin. You are sitting in a beautiful old place in the heart of the city, when music begins to play. The soft sound of violins sooth you before rhythmic horns seem to announce a royal entrance. Then the darkness is interrupted by rays of light that throw a black and white image of Berlin onto a silver screen. The music swells up and all of a sudden an entire orchestra is playing in perfect sync with the moving pictures of 1920s Berlins.

Doens’t that seem like a perfect Berlin film experience? UFA is staging just that this upcoming Thursday…

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Jägermeister Wirtshaustour Berlin 2012 Photos

Jägermeister Wirtshaustour 2012

On Friday the Jägermeister Wirtshaustour made a stop in Berlin at the new club Loftus Hall with live gigs by Eskimo Callboy and Tek-One as well as a crazy DJ set by Dumme Jungs. The night started all social and cosy in the “Wirtshaus” lounge with Jägi drinks, card games, jenga and kicker. The first live act Eskimo Callboy then turned all the cosiness into a storm with their hefty harcore electro. I went to the front for a bit to take photos but quickly had to retreat in fear for my camera and my health, as these crazy kids were going wild. The second concert of Tek-One was equally powerful with their massive dubstep sounds. The air was practically on fire! Enjoy our animated impressions on 2 pages after the click!

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Light Asylum Live at Flamingo Photos

Light Asylum live

On Tuesday the awesome NYC based band Light Asylum was having a live gig at Flamingo. I only knew a few songs from the band before, but the concert really blew me away! You should definately check out their work. After the jump you can see some impressions of the concert and the party at Flamingo with DJ sets by Planningtorock and Marius Funk. I am particularily proud of the photo above which I took in the infamous Flamingo mirror hallway.

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Quick tip for the weekend: Mocky



Oh my! Suz missed to mention a nice Saturday night event which I would like to recommend you. On Saturday there will be a free concert from the artists Mocky and Olof Dreijer. Olof Dreijer is the brother of Karin Dreijer Anderson which is the marvelous Fever Ray we interviewed a while ago. They will improvise over an old documentary film called Koyaanisquatsi by Godfrey Reggio. It will take place at the balcony of the shop called Nr. 4 which I will be happy to present you next week. The flyer with all the informations after the jump.

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Posh! Up

Posh! the Prince by Lisa Wassmann for Scala

photo by Lisa Wassmann for Scala

Yesterday evening Posh! the Prince, a performance artist from NY who now lives in Berlin, amazed his audience again at Torstrasse 96 with a show full of sexual hints. He performes with a DJ and if the crowd is in the mood, it is a very danceable performance. Posh moans and screams and fakes an orgasm – he probably has one, cause one can see, he clearly enjoys performing. It’s not Posh’s show, Posh is the show. Even when the mic broke down last night he improvised and performed in top form. Last night he was wearing a tiny strappy silver something that he had handtailored by a friend especially for his performances. “I can either use it as a belt or as a corset” he told me after the show. And it is only Posh! the Prince himself with the slim shaped body of a ballet dancer who can wear hotpants and this silver thing on him and make girls and boys feel hot and hotter. More photos of the night after the jump.

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Listen to me

LAN illustration by Andreas Töpfer

illustrations by Andreas Töpfer

This weekend is all about one of your senses. The intellectual ear is invited to enjoy the best contemporary German literature, some great singer songwriters and some worth- listening-to newcomer bands at the LAN Festival. Actually I am pretty sure that there will be a lot of pearls to discover. So even if you are not the reading type you should let yourself be surprised. I was there two years ago and was especially thrilled by the singer songwriters. So take the chance to immerse in this wonderful festival and enjoy its incredible atmosphere. More illustrations from Andreas Töpfer and infos after the jump.

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