Late Summer Party Guide

” Legs ” by Julia Luka Lila Nitzschke

Welcome to our late party summer guide for the October weekend! I keep telling Australian people who recently moved to Berlin about the horrible winter and they don’t belive me – how would they. Enjoy the sun before diving into the deep world of Berlin winter clubbing. Until then, a selection of this weekend’s parties – but you might just skip them all and spend the weekend at some lake…joke! Parties after the jump:

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The Holy Weekend Partyguide


The pope is coming. Beware if you’re a fag, a user of preservatives or even an atheist. Child molester might be okay though..(oops). The party dinner is served ladies and gents, with a sip of Lido, a piece of Loftus Hall, a twist of Backyard, a gulp of The Sameheads, a mouthful of Kater Holzig and much more to get one’s just desert! Read it after the jump:

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Curry Rotweiss Party

On Saturday a new event named Curry Rotweiss launches at Backyard in Kreuzberg. The name refers to a typical German speciality you might have tried already: our beloved Currywust! In Berlin you order “rotweiss” if you want your wurst with both, ketchup and mayo. Curry Rotweiss has several  surprises coming up for you on Saturday including a test of courage to win a free shot, an art installation in the yard, free Wurst for early birds and a discount for the few Berlin born aliens left. More on the event, the DJs and pics of our lovely models Nadya and Philip after the jump.

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