The Gay Kissing Flashmob

Come Together Party at HBC by Glamcanyon

photo: Glamcanyon

So, apparently there are still people in this town that have a problem with those of the homosexual persuasion. How did that happen? One of these haters is a cafe owner at Nollendorfplatz (yeah, I know, of all the places in the city THIS would be my pick too if I had a problem with gays) who just recently sent off a lesbian couple that was kissing in front of his cafe. Buh, those dirty lesbians! He did this out of respect for immigrants and children he claims. Yeah, right!

So to protest against this unacceptable behavior lesbians, gays and undecided are called to come together in front of Dolce Freddo on Saturday at Maaßenstr. 6 at 14h sharp and give each other a kiss. Gays and lesbians are not allowed to switch partners amongst each other on this occasion as this would totally ruin the concept. Although it would still be a homosexual kiss in my book, but anyways…

And if you need to warm up for this kissing flashmob, or if you need to lead into a more intimate kissing at night, Suz has some pretty gay party recommendations for you after the bump.

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