It’s all about variety, baby!

Cocktail D'Amoure Graphic

This weekend’s party guide is all about variety, my dearest party people. Because apart from the biggest techno mini-festival Twisted Elements (which we are raffeling off tickets in our Facebook Group btw.) this weekend we also have a knitting workshop, a burlesque drawing course, a crazy cake baking contest, a scary movie session, a bizzare metal fetish wear performance and the one or other cool party in the offering. Hop after the jump to make your weekend as colorful as possible…

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Faster! Stronger! Brighter!


photos: Daria Marchik

Haven’t been at one of these hipster-overrun opening receptions at Lucas Carrieri Gallery in a while. But this new series of events called Faster! Stronger! Brighter! seems to be a reason to pop up there again. Tonight it starts with the photo exhibition DAMES by D.A.M. which looks really fun and interesting, especially the outfits and styling. There’s also going to be an art performance by Mad Kate, Clea Cutthroat and Ginger Synne. More of that after the jump.

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Random stuff by Alexey Kiselev


Russian fashion photographer Alexey Kiselev has made himself quite the name in the world of magazines: Dazed&Confused, ID and Russian Vogue have already showcased his work. This Friday he opens his new exhibition Random at the Lucas Carrieri Art Gallery in Mitte. After the jump you’ll get a glimpse of his provocative work.

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Post Graffiti


Mode 2

This Friday, one of my favourite galleries in Mitte Lucas Carrieri Art Gallery and Urban Affairs extended will be hosting a vernissage to introduce their latest collabo Post Graffiti – a collection of seven internationally renowned street and graffiti artists from the likes of Sharp, Delta, Mode 2, Eron, Neon, Ebon Heath and Czarnobyl, most of whom have added their creative talent to the Berlin street art landscape and beyond. And if you still think I’m going on about chemical elements and Greek alphabets, then slap me silly, call me Sally and check here and here before you set down your aerosol cans and flick to more pics after the jump.

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Listening with my eyes

Ebon Heath - Listening with my eyes

No, it’s not the sequel to Eyes Wide Shut (ok, that was lame, sorry) but something much, much better – a new Font exhibition! You know we love our Fonts – and this Friday we’re totally going to go check out Ebon Heath‘s Listening With My Eyes opening reception at the Lucas Carrieri Art Gallery (what some of you might know as ProjektGALERIE) in Torstrasse. More info after the jump.

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