Blitz II Photos

Blitz II

Last Friday the second Blitz party took place at Lux and there was quite a lot of make-up and glitter in the house. After the jump you’ll find many impressions on two pages including the results of our Vintage Smackdown Blitz Special Photobooth!

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In The Heat Of The Night

Sick Girls

It’s sticky and hot and we won’t find sleep in the heat of the night. Oh and it’s full moon as well, ahh, that is why I practically spend the night staring at the ceiling. Perfect party conditions I’d say. Who needs sleep anyway? Parties after the jump:

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Vintage Glamour Blitz Special

During the day it’s flannel and flower prints, at night it becomes black silk and sequins. Vintage has as many styles as contemporary fashion does. Especially here in Berlin’s nightlife you will find a lot of gorgeous sequins dresses and extravagant accessories from the 80s. You think Lady Gaga’s style is all original? Well, think again!

On Friday night all those fans of the glamrock 80s will come together at the second Blitz party at LUX. We already had a blast at the first one, but the second one is surely going to be even stronger on the revival of the infamous Blitz kids scene.

We will have a Vintage Smackdown Special Blitz Photo Booth at the party to cast the final candidates for our Vintage Smackdown fashion show at Wedding Dress during Berlin Fashion Week. It’s the final day to take part in the online vintage challenge so take your chance, come by in your most glamorous vintage outfit and give us some drama! The runway and a main price of 500 EUR await you! Details after the jump.

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Blitz Revival


This is already the second approach on a revival of the famous Blitz Kids of the 80s this year.  This time by another party maker and in another club. Last week’s Blitz party at L.U.X. was a lot of fun and quite sexy! A completely different scene and so many new faces. How refreshing! We need more of this! Impressions after the jump.

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And the winner is..


Ear Pwr

.HBC all over. Two big events that seem to focus on the same audience. Who is going to be the winner, will there be one and what’s the prize? Shall the best win, you decide! And don’t forget to go shopping before Friday night, cause you’ll need at least two amazing dresses for this weekend…! Join our Facebook Group so you can once again win tickets for both .HBC parties. Parties after the jump.

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