Magic at the Spree

Sunday Seance Summer Affair at Terrasse

Sunday afternoon is really such a perfect time for a party. And while the confetti people stood in line for hours at the Bar 25 we were having a good time around the corner at Terrasse with music by Tdaance, Hunee and more. The HBC. and Macaroni guys really found a nice spot here for their Sunday Seance Summer Affair. I hope there is going to be more of that.

Finally had the chance to chat with Marcel from Amy&Pink and Eva from Miss Creative Classy. Greetz over to you guys! More photos after the jump.

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Sunday Seance Summer Affair


photo by spunkinator

This Sunday I invite you all to the Sunday Seance Summer Affair Open Air party at Spreeterrasse hosted by our friends of the Macaroni Club and the makers of the beloved HBC. There will be lovely music by Baby G, Hunee, Tingle Tangle Toyboys, EM//E, Petula, T Daance and Discomeyer, a BBQ, strange fruits and stuffed animals. Free admission! From noon to midnight.

Dancing under the trees


photo by sicoactiva

Diligent as we are we here present you not only the Club Floor program of the ravenous Berlin Festival but also the alternative program for those of you who don’t give a sh… shambala, I mean. The weather is perfect, go outside, party hard, summer time is not granny time! Look for the parties after the jump.

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