The Ultimate Halloween Party Photo Collection

Disco Mystix Halloween Party

Halloween is actually not happening until Monday, but all the Halloween parties are taking place on Saturday already. I wonder if the dead will be so amused about that! That still gives you a couple of days to prepare your goregeous gruesome costume! To give you a bit of inspiration we have dug out all our Halloween photosets from the graves that we have done over the years and put them  in one big album. On top of that we give you one scary photo set from London that has never been published before. Have a look after the jump on 4 pages!

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Halloween Español – ¡Olé!

Halloween Stardust Madrid 2010

While Suz turned the Backyard into a Haunted House I was far away in Madrid celebrating Halloween (on the actual Halloween day on Sunday) at Stardust. So how do the Spaniards take on this American tradition? Take a look after the jump.

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A sense of Humor


Isabel Mastache

Did you noticed how fashion shows are generally always dead serious? Can you imagine the relief when seeing the runway show of Isabel Mastache shown above? She was presenting her hilarous menswear collection during last weeks Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week at the shows of El Ego which is like the young designers program. Sadly, I did not see her show as I did not have a press pass on the first day. And all the young designer shows were on the first day so I missed out on all the fun. What I saw of the rest of the Fashion Week was mostly old boring designers with glamorous dresses with Swarovski beads and lots and lots and lots of fur (what is wrong with these Spaniards?) and a handsome Jon Kortajarena presenting for almost every show.

More pictures of Isabel Mastaches crazy collection, further impressions of other shows I’ve seen and 3 reasons why Madrid Fashion Week will continue to have a hard time being taken serious in the international fashion world after the jump.

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Venga, venga!

The Zombie Club Madrid

Viva Espana! (No idea how to put that tild over the n…) As a little birthday present to myself I treated myself with a little short trip to Madrid. And while I went to art fairs and fashion shows during the days I spent my nights at the best parties in town. Once again I was overwhelmed by how much the spanish party people love to be photographed. Some Spanish party fun to spice up cold Berlin after the jump:

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Unfaithful to Berlin: Going out in Madrid

Party at Pantera, Madrid

As some clever ones of you might have noticed (thanks to my Tweet of last week) I spent the last 6 days in Spain. Madrid to be precise. And of course I checked out the one or other party while being there, why wouldn’t I, no? And I have to say: Wow, Spanish people can party hard. Actually the best party was on Saturday at a new club called Pantera. Some blonde chicks with tiny tops where DJing (I don’t know if I should really call it that) and putting on a show. The crowd totally freaked out which was quite the sight and I wished that the party folks in Berlin would also sometimes just let themselves go a little more.

Of course this party was destined to be photographed and while I usually take between 70 and 80 pictures in one night, this time I took like 250. But not only because there were so many interestings scenes to be captures, also because the Spanish party people literally forced me to take pictures of them (whereas in Berlin I can be happy if they don’t turn their back on me). See for yourself how this actually looks like after the jump. On 2 pages.

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