The Skinnerbox


Iftah and Olaf from Skinnerbox met in 2002 at a spontaneous, improvised jam session that featured a keyboard, a guitar and a kazoo. Since then, much has changed in regard to the instruments, but when performing live, Skinnerbox still plays exclusively improvised music, always crossing the boundaries of electronic music.

More about Skinnerbox in an interview after the click.

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The Crystalmafia


images: Crystalmafia

Crystalmafia is an artist duo from Berlin, consisting of photographer Kieran and painter Ashley. They are originally from the US, they both used to live in San Francisco for several years before they moved to Berlin.

Kierons photographs were published in magazines such as Vice, Nylon, Papermag and Spin; they were recently exhibited at Lucas Carrieri Gallery. Ashleys pictures were shown in several exhibitions in San Francisco and in Berlin.

More pictures and an interview with Crystalmafia after the click.

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World Music 2.0


photos: Michael Mann

Jahcoozi is a multinational band from Berlin, consisting of MC Sasha Perera (London / Sri Lanka), producer Robot Koch (Berlin) and bass player Oren Gerlitz (Tel Aviv). In April they released their latest album Barefoot Wanderer.
Jahcoozi’s music merges genres like Grime, Dubstep Punk Rock, Hip Hop and various blends of electronica to create a unique definition of pop music. For their new album, they also collaborated with a Kenyan dancehall/reggae crew and an Israeli clay pot percussionist (this is the first time I use that term).

For more information about World Music 2.0, check out our interview with Robot Koch and Oren Gerlitz.

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The Koletzki


Since his breakthrough track Mückenschwarm in 2005, Oliver Koletzki is one of the most sought after techno DJs in Berlin. He is also the founder of the label Stil vor Talent, which releases artists such as Channel X, Animal Trainer and Niconé; additionally, Stil vor Talent has its own fashion branch. In 2009, Oliver Koletzki released his album Großstadtmärchen and founded the band The Koletzkis, which made him more popular among an audience beyond electronic music.

More about Oliver Koletzki in our interview after the click.

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I can’t recall when and where I saw Turmspringer for first time. Presumably, it was at the Golden Gate. Since then I have experienced them quite often at this and at other venues. At some point it became clear to me that if Turmspringer is playing at a party, it can’t be a bad party. More information and an interview with Edgar Peng (Robert) and Didier de la Boutique (Tim) after the click.

If you want to see Turmspringer performing, you shouldn’t miss Fuck me now and love me later on April 17 at Arena Club.

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