Ciao Kiki

I have the feeling that this is the summer of goodbyes! And nothing is more strange than saying goodbye to somebody who you never really met. Like the colleague that quits just at the second day of your new job. So it was strange for me to read on facebook that the Kiki Blofeld is closing for good this weekend. In my mind I was there a million times but actually I was always on the other side of the river dancing at the Bar 25. My friend used to say about Kiki: Always when I was there I felt like the people on the other side of the river have more fun. Well now it’s kind of over for both sides. Even if there is still the new little cat at the river. But Kiki Blofeld will not go without saying goodbye. This weekend there will be a lot going on. Check out the program to learn more. Well, Kiki, I wish I had known you better than just from the other side of the river. More pictures of the place after the jump.
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Megaspree Demostration Berlin

The protest against Mediaspree was taken to another level with the demoparade Megaspree on Saturday. For all of you who haven’t heard about it: Mediaspree is a construction project for the Spree area in Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. The idea is to build dozens of sterile concrete office buildings at the waterside in which media companies should move in.

Therefore most of the alternative culture which is located in that area will be displaced, such as Bar 25, Kiki Blofeld, Maria and Yaam, to name just a few. On last year’s July 11 there was a public poll about the Mediaspree. The result was clear: more than 80% of the inhabitants of Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain voted against Mediaspree. But the government of Berlin was unimpressed; the plans were just lightly modified.

On the occasion of the first anniversary of the poll more than 50 cultural institutions hosted the Megaspree demo-parade on Saturday. The word demo-parade  describes very well what the whole thing was about: on the one hand, it was a political demonstration. On the other hand, it was a big, phantastic party on the streets. More about that with lots of photos after the jump.

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