Berlin is… Remembering

Berlin is… Remembering

photos: Anamaria Tatu

Oh what times we live in. Everyone is afraid, it seems. Afraid of each other. Some citizens worry for their life, though they should worry about their character. They’re hiding behind their fear of the unknown, wrapped up in a cocoon of convenience, shouting slogans that give them an illusion of unity – a unity they seem to lack within themselves. Concealing their racism through lies of frustration – frustration about their own lives that are so much safer than they realize. So worried, they don’t seem to notice that we all see what they really are. And we condemn.

We condemn all the angry eyes and furious words spoken unknowingly. All the fire thrown at shelters. We distance ourselves from their distance to life. And we remind them of where to never go again.

To learn from mistakes, you need to be aware of what has been. To move on to a good path, you need to know the past, with all its wrong turns. And the right way was not the “shift to the right.” Looking around now, it seems many of us have forgotten how far things have gone before, more than once.

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