The Art Battle


The Mobile Sessions Art Battle has ended and we did not win. Buhu!! We did not even make it under the top ten. Buhu times two!!! I mean, I don’t mind loosing against the first (above) and second winners as they are pretty good. But as far as the rest goes I’m not really sure why our dear Berlin-loving monsters didn’t beat that. Well, what can you do…

On July 16 the best entries of the competition will be shown in an exhibition at the Seven Star Gallery in Mitte. On July 20th the competition will go into its second round, this time it’s about the written word and people are called to submit their anecdotes about their city. More infos about that here.

Vote for us at Mobile Sessions!


Remember when we told you about the competition we prepared ourselves for? Yeah, the one with the monsters hugging buildings and stuff. Creatives were asked to submit artworks that express what they love about their city. Of course us being the authors of a blog called I Heart Berlin makes us the perfect candidates. So we created a series of images with little urban art monsters hugging different buildings that stand for a certain aspect of the city.

So, the time has come now where the action starts. The battle begins NOW at Mobile Sessions. And if you want to support us please take the time to vote for us. You can’t vote directly because during the battle 2 images by different contestants will be selected randomly that compete against each other. So you will actually have vote for several until one of our images comes up. To see the full list of images that we sent into the competition look here. Thanks for your support!!