The Tim Burton of Berlin


Cabaret Baby

When I met the New Zealand born artist Seymour two weeks ago at an opening at Strychnin Gallery he wasn’t exactly over the moon about my comparison with the American cult director and multi-talent Tim Burton. Of course as an artist you don’t really want to hear that your work looks like that of someone else, do you?

But when I first saw one of his sculptures a while ago I couldn’t help but be drawn into this magical dark morbid world that reminds me so much of movies like Nightmare before Christmas and Corpse Bride. Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear? is the title of it and it was the first piece of art that I instantly knew I would buy. At the current show at Strychnin he exhibits a couple of more pieces, amongst them a stunning chess set and a hand painted family portrain in an antique frame (which was sold quite quickly).

On his blog you can take a look into his studio and into the making process. After the jump you’ll see some of his sculptures and paintings, including the one that I own.

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