Get away from all the noise

KNM New Music Spa - Klangmassagen mit dem Kammerensemble Neue Mu

photo: Kai Bienert

Sound pollution? Hmm, interesting. I think for being such a big city Berlin is very quiet. Perhaps you might disagree if you live on the Karl-Marx-Allee or the Danziger Straße but compared to the busy and irritating noise of any other city even these two streets are quiet and even monotonous in their noise production. The reason why Berliners have probably more hearing problems than other people is the infinity of ways you can voluntarily put yourself in danger. Yeah, yeah, the old story of Berlin being the capital of Techno. Well, if you are hearing a strange noise inside your head you should take the opportunity to get yourself into the Music Spa of the Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin called New Music Spa – The Book of Wellness at Radialsystem V. More infos after the jump. Read on…