The Penguin Pop-Up


Oh, don’t you just love it, when something pops up? Like a message on Skype by someone you care for, or an ad in your browser that says you just won an iPhone, or an opportunity to make out with someone hot, or… the possibilities are endless.

In the case of this little story we are talking about the popping up of a temporary store, specifically one that sells Original Penguin clothing, hence its name: The Original Penguin Pop-up Store. Hurray! It will pop open its dolly little doors this Saturday at 18h next to/withinside the freshly opened Trüffelschwein menswear store at Rose-Luxemburg-Strasse that has recently moved into a new bigger place across the street and is therefore also worth a visit. Pop by for drinks and music and some silly handclapping! The invite after the jump.

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