Couture Eggs Charity Auction #1

Couture Eggs

Couture Egg by C.Neeon

Here comes the first batch of our Couture Eggs with fabulous Easter egg creations by Esther Perbandt, C.Neeon, Paula Immich, Von Bardonitz, Parsival Cserer and Burkhardt/Möllmann. The auction for a good cause shall begin. The proceeds of the auction will be donated to two different charity organizations. The first one is the Japan disaster relief program of Plan, one of the worlds biggest non-profit charity organization for children in need. After the jump you’ll find the eggs and your chance on bidding.

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Couture Easter Eggs


This Easter we will turn the traditional kitchy family holiday upside down and transform it into something more contemporary and fashionable. Together with the team of Achteinhalb we have asked  our favorite avant-garde designers to create Easter Eggs for us – we call them Couture Eggs. The designers are Anna Wegelin, Burkhardt/Möllmann, C.NeeonEsther Perbandt, JULIAANDBEN, Parsival Cserer, Paula Immich, Phoebe Heess, Proportion, Reality Studio and Von Bardonitz.

These unique eggs will be auctioned off here on the blog starting late on Monday April 18 until Friday April 22, 2011. The proceeds will be donated to children’s charity and Japan disaster relief organizations. On Thursday the eggs will be presented live at a vernissage the Achteinhalb Concept Store. More details and photos after the jump.

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Thank god we have Parsival!

Looking back at this season’s Berlin Fashion Week I’m once again very glad and grateful that we have a project like Designer for Tomorrow here in Berlin. Amongst all the boring shows with uninspired dresses and the few minimalistic avant-garde collection the DfT presentations are always a vibrant and exciting highlight at Bebelplatz!

The 2010 winner, Parsival Cserer, is no exception. He presented his first full collection on the official runway during Berlin Fashion Week and his wonderful knit pieces with a modern take on 60’s patterns gave a lot of class and originality that most other shows were lacking. Bravo!

Back in December I was invited to his fitting along with fellow bloggers from LesMads, Fashion Freax and Reigen. The DfT Team requested our expertise in styling for Parsival’s new line of scarves that is available from now on exclusively at selected P&C stores. Head over to the DfT Blog to see some of our styling suggestions on how to wear the scarves.

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