These Berlin Fashion Designers Are Now Sewing Face Masks

These Berlin Fashion Designers Are Now Sewing Face Masks

Musician & Songwriter VELVE wearing I‘ VR. 

I’m well aware that there is a certain controversy about self-made or non-medical face masks. The German government has so far been shy about ordering the people to wear face protection, mostly because of the extreme shortage of available certified masks but also because the effectiveness of masks is still debated. One thing is certain though: Those few countries that have a mask policy in place seem to have much flatter curves. This can, of course, have various reasons. But then again, if you just think about it. The more people wearing masks, the less those will accidentally cough or sneeze out into the open in the early stages of infection when they are the most contagious and the least likely to show symptoms yet.

While a few weeks ago the Germans seemed to be quite reluctant to wear masks, in the last week it has dramatically changed and I see a lot of people with self-made or other fabric masks out in the streets. And I do admit it does make me feel a little more safe seeing more people around wearing masks and consciously protecting others from being accidentally infected by them.

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Couture Eggs Charity Auction #1

Couture Eggs

Couture Egg by C.Neeon

Here comes the first batch of our Couture Eggs with fabulous Easter egg creations by Esther Perbandt, C.Neeon, Paula Immich, Von Bardonitz, Parsival Cserer and Burkhardt/Möllmann. The auction for a good cause shall begin. The proceeds of the auction will be donated to two different charity organizations. The first one is the Japan disaster relief program of Plan, one of the worlds biggest non-profit charity organization for children in need. After the jump you’ll find the eggs and your chance on bidding.

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Couture Easter Eggs


This Easter we will turn the traditional kitchy family holiday upside down and transform it into something more contemporary and fashionable. Together with the team of Achteinhalb we have asked  our favorite avant-garde designers to create Easter Eggs for us – we call them Couture Eggs. The designers are Anna Wegelin, Burkhardt/Möllmann, C.NeeonEsther Perbandt, JULIAANDBEN, Parsival Cserer, Paula Immich, Phoebe Heess, Proportion, Reality Studio and Von Bardonitz.

These unique eggs will be auctioned off here on the blog starting late on Monday April 18 until Friday April 22, 2011. The proceeds will be donated to children’s charity and Japan disaster relief organizations. On Thursday the eggs will be presented live at a vernissage the Achteinhalb Concept Store. More details and photos after the jump.

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A bit of Berlin Fashion


Beloved Berlin-based label JULIAANDBEN are starting their annual sale this Saturday. They will not only have a sale on their stock, but also sell rare sample pieces and prototypes. So it’s worth dropping by to find very unique pieces of their previous collections.

Tiedeken, former half of Berlin-based label Wedel&Tiedeken, are launching their new winter collection at the A7 store this Saturday at Almstadtstr. 7. During the event they will also preview their upcoming summer collection.

At the end of the month, the 24th of September to be exact, avant-garde designer Paula Immich is having a shopping night at her Salon at Brunnenstr. 53.

A day after you can also get your hands on some labels that are NOT from Berlin at the Wood Wood stock sale at Rückerstr. 4.

Flyers of all four sales events after the jump.

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