God Hates Fags

PnP at HBC

On Saturday at the opening party of the .HBC one of the live acts was PnP which I introduced you to a few months back. I loved them back then and I love them even more after this performance. Their theme for the concert was hate against gays and lesbians by conservative Christian communities in the States. I was talking to some friends later and they were bored that the band brought up this topic of homophobia again. It’s quite ignorant actually because this is not only a reality in the conservative Hinterland of the United States but also here in the streets of Berlin.

And this is a sad truth I was confronted with recently here in the subway in Mitte. I was party hopping with friends – a bunch of flamboyant guys – when we got harassed and attacked by a group of homophobic idiots. One of us got even pushed onto the railway tracks. This was actually the first time in my life I have experienced something like that and I was quite shocked. So yes, even here in Berlin this is a topic that never gets old.

Impressions of a powerful performance after the jump.

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HBC Reopening. Finally!


Far too long have I been waiting for my favorite venue for art and party to reopen. And now the time has finally come that the HBC has finished their reconstructions and opens again this Saturday with a massive opening event. The linup is looking great and includes the fabulous PnP. There will be lot’s of things going on so check the programm after the jump. Go to and join the iHeartBerlin.de Facebook Group to win 2×2 tickets!

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Gay on Friday, Rock’n’Roll on Saturday


Oh, what is this? Where is Suz? What is Frank messing around with the party guide? Well, while Suz is shopping off all her hard-earned iHeartBerlin money in Lundun I will take over this honorable job for this week. And I can say so much: Friday is all in the name of gay, and Saturday is all in the name of good ol’ Rock’n’Roll, wooha! Parties after the jump. Including free tickets for 2 parties on Saturday and a free track from The Glass!

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Deep Throat Action

Deep Throught Action Party with PnP live!

On Friday night we took the unimaginable journey to Neukölln to check out the concert of PnP at the former brothel Weisepuff. There is quite a different air in Neukölln and you will find a completely different audience to what you are used to in the usual Mitte joint. But the atmosphere was really nice and the concert was a blast. PnP and their wonderfully trashy dancers The Crystal Tits gave a powerful fun show with lots of action. The music is pretty much Peaches inspired, only the lyrics are even more secually explicit. The super handsome Sampson, who is one half of the band, is actually the one who made the Sparkle Army party at Monster Ronsons a while back. Go look after the jump for some naughty details.

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Drama at the partyfront!

Disco Thursday

Drama at the partyfront: the recently opened Stattbad Wedding has to close. Just another time Berlin is losing an unique underground location which was so different from other locations. But our thoughts are free!! (btw, the photo above showing the fat guy is the Disco Thursday at Monarch flyer).

Go after the jump to see what is going on this weekend.

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