Berlin Needs Some Positive Messages!

Berlin Needs Some Positive Messages!

photo: Sascha Kohlmann

A few weeks ago I was spontaneously invited to be part of a video shoot by Huawei for their new #humantouch campaign. The video is all about sending people some positive messages, touch their hearts and give them a smile. It’s a very minimalist concept, yet it’s emotionally loaded.

Seeing the finished video now got me thinking. I like the spirit of it, taking one moment of our busy lives and write something sweet or funny to a stranger to give them a piece of happiness. We need this, especially in the cold and dark season we are in right now, especially here in Berlin were everyone is grumpy and complains. We need a bit of light-heartedness and optimism here right now. So I wondered about what could give the Berliners a smile, even if it’s just a small one, or maybe even a laugh?

After the jump I prepared some positive messages for Berlin. Let them brighten your day a bit 😉

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