Berlin’s Coolest Ceramic Labels & Pottery Studios

Berlin’s Coolest Ceramic Labels & Pottery Studios

photo: Jérémy Bellina. 

I already revealed my passion for plants the other week with my big plant guide. A side effect of it is my new-found interest in pottery, not only for its final result – beautiful ceramics – but also for the process of making it. If you hear pottery I would not blame you for not having something particularly cool in mind. But trust me, we found some really cool people in Berlin that do very unique and contemporary designs that you will love.

I also put my own crafty talents to the test and participated in a wheel throwing class at one of the studios from our guide. It was a really wonderful experience that I can warmly recommend to anyone looking for a new hobby (or a creative calling?).

But now without any further ado let me introduce you to Berlin’s coolest ceramic labels and pottery studios.

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