tip hearts iHeartBerlin


tip – one of Berlin’s biggest city magazines – had the following to say on our modest little blog in their latest list of favorite blogs:

“The I Love Berlin bloggers are obviously out and about quite a lot and seem to have a good sense for the right party, movie or exhibtion that even an experienced city slicker might miss. One service that especially newcomers will appriciate: The website is run both in German and Englisch. While you sometimes can’t shake the feeling that the authors are walking around with the curious eye of a new-Berliner, soon-to-be-Berliner or Berliner-at-heart and that they occasionally like to celebrate themselves in Mitte-style you can at least say that they give a clear direction with their taste.”

First of all: Thanks for having us in the list! Finally someone acknowledges that we make the effort of being bilingual. And the illustration is really cute. But: Our blog is called I Heart Berlin and you would be really surprised how modest we actually are… Read the full article with the other recommendations here.