The Big Corona Quiz: What Quarantine Type Are You?

The Big Corona Quiz: What Quarantine Type Are You?

The second lockdown is holding on to our sorry asses and it looks like it will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. It’s a bleak outlook, I know, but what can you do other than trying to make the best of it, right? Did I just hear you say: “Shut up!”? Well, fair enough.

I think I’m not exaggerating when I say this whole corona era has been a mixed bag. While some of us have our sanity hanging on a thin thread by now, others finally got the time they needed for self-fulfillment. I’ve seen people falling in the abyss of mental unwellness, while others keep on trucking with their lives as if nothing has happened. People’s responses to the pandemic and the lockdown could not be more divisive.

But how are you doing, dear iHeartBerlin reader? We were wondering about this so we sat together with our cherished collaborator Sophia Halamoda with whom we authored the fabulous Like A Berliner book and created a brand new personality quiz to find out what quarantine type you really are. It’s fully illustrated by the lovely Sophia, so make sure to check out all the cute little details in the drawings. We hope they can brighten your day a little.


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Whatever your end result of this quiz might be, always remember, we’re all in this together and there will be another, happier day. Whenever that might be…


Quiz: How well do you know Berlin’s Subway Stations?

Quiz: How well do you know Berlin’s Subway Stations?

Berlin’s subway system is not only known and loved for their cute yellow trains, but also for the iconic designs of its subway stations. All the different lines sport different styles and colors from different time eras that go through several decades of Berlin history. We traveled through the city one day and tried to capture some details of some of the stations to create this little quiz for you. How well do you know the subway system to be able to guess all of these stations? You can use the colors and tile shapes as clues for where this might be. Good luck!

How to play? Just click on one of the three possible answers underneath the picture and you will immediatly know if you were wrong or right. After that you can click on “Continue” below the answers to get to the next photo. In the end you will see your results below the final answer. Refresh the page to reset the game.

photos: Liz Ketcham

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Quiz: How much of a Berliner are you?

Quiz: How much of a Berliner are you?

illustrations: Sophia Halamoda

They say every city can be a bittersweet experience, but Berlin has a penchant for taking everything to the absolute extreme; it’s syrupy like Glühwein and pungent like take-away coffee from a Turkish run späti. No mouthwash – not even Pfeffi – could ever make you forget its taste.

How did you feel when you realized Berlin is the World’s Greatest Circus, and upon moving here, you could leave the audience and get on stage? Everything is improvised, it can get ugly – and the only character that’s even trying to be funny is the BVG. But you stayed, watching others, trying to learn the cues, and ultimately you fell in love with the beautiful mess around you.

How well do you know it now? Can you tell the cliches from the truth? Have you been to the wild side? Are you even vegan?! In other words: how much of a Berliner are you, really? Let our quiz be the judge.

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