Berlin is… Ready

Berlin is… Ready

Slowly but steadily the temperatures rise again. One more time the winter asks us – just this month – not to forget him. Coming and going, falling and staying in a place of remembrance.

But with every ray of sunlight the city gets more power. Here comes the enthusiasm again, here comes the light. There goes the heavy breathing and hiding out of sight. Winter, say your last goodbye – for this time at least.

We are ready to start, ready for the sun, ready to get to work, ready to breathe again. The waiting is done, the hiding is over. Ready to blossom, ready for a makeover.

This beautiful time of the year, where hopes are growing and the smiles get bigger. This time, when it seems as if everyone is opening their eyes again and seeing their surroundings. Berlin’s awakening.

Like a fruit ripe for the picking, Berlin is ready. Ready to change and be the same, a coming out of the winter hiding, building momentum for the reveal.

Spring, here we go.