The Insatiables

photo: Bierlos on flickr

Madhouse Berlin: Therapy session nr. 7

You carnivorous maggots in human form, you insatiable grasshoppers with legs instead of wings and eyes instead of aerials. Your chewing tools are brutal as they devour this town in which we live. Your greed is eating away our stores, our work, our flats. Where we would be undemanding, you want to tear the last fling of flesh from the ribcage of this town… Your illness is the megalomania. The type-size 42 on your newspaper will soon be telling you, that without another Alexa, a bigger O2World, and a higher hotel bunker you won’t be happy any more with Berlin. Your god’s names are MAXI, MEGA or SUPER. I call you the Insatiables.

Read on in German for more superlatives. Read on…