Kill your Darlings! Streets of Berladelphia

Daniel Josefsohn

Feeling attraction to an artist because of his work is kind of weird. After a while you can’t really say if the love you feel is bringing you to the point of not being objective anymore about the art itself. Nevertheless being in love with Mr. Pollesch, one of the most amazing theater directors on earth, has never let me doubt my taste in theater (and men). I was always struck down by lightning before, during and after every piece that I saw and I enjoyed them as other people would enjoy sex or drugs. So, is it relevant what the source of your pleasure is? Or is the pleasure itself the key element in our decisions of consumption. Now I can attend to my pleasures even digitally through Pollesch’s Blog.
If you can you should check out his new piece Kill Your Darlings, premiering on Wednesday at Volksbühne and promissing a lot of intelectual mindsex. Dates and details after the jump.

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